Methodology of Data Migration

Migrating data and documents from the existing sources to the Proposed System involves various challenges and strategies to mitigate them to achieve ultimate accuracy and ensure high quality of data. Contrary to common beliefs, the data conversion process can be of a huge scope and complex in nature, and its consequences will impact the business continuity leading to loss of revenue and risking customer confidence as a whole.

Successful delivery of data conversion specifics is the end-product of an elaborate process of management, planning, design, execution, monitoring, verification and coordination.

The overall data migration methodology includes the following phases:


Content Management System Migration

Through our years of experience, we have developed our migration application to effectively and efficiently migrate this huge and complex Content Management System.

Source Repository
  • IBM Visual Info v5r4
  • IBM OnDemand v5r4
  • IBM Content Manager Express 8.x
  • IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition 7.x
  • IBM Filenet Panagon
  • Other CM Repository : API to be provided
Target Repository
  • IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition (Latest)
  • IBM Content Manager OnDemand Enterprise Edition (Latest)
  • IBM Filnet CM
  • Microsoft Sharepoint 2013
  • Microsoft Sharepoinrt 365


IBM Portal Migration / Upgrade

Upgrading from IBM Portal 6.x to IBM Portal 8.5


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